• Excellent

    Business Solutions

    INIVOS partners with world leading products serve you and your business through the process of discovery, implementing, optimizing whilst dutifully maintaining your business solution.

  • IFS Services

    IFS Consulting & Support Partner

    We are a Certified IFS Service Partner and we provide services in IFS Implementations, Upgrade, Training and Support Services.

  • Development Services

    Software Development & Support

    We are experts in blending our array of services seamlessly with the specific needs of our clients, from software development, quality assurance, performance testing and full-scale support.

  • A World Class Team

    Experienced, Agile & Dependable

    Our team of experts has a collective experience of 60+ years in full project life cycles and 50+ years in different industries.

At INIVOS, we create flexible, end-to-end corporate business solutions. Established in 2018 with our enduring values of integrity, innovation and agility, we are proud to have teamed-up with the best league of highly capable Specialist Consultants who have championed a wide spectrum of industries and customer implementation endeavours. Our capability is well renowned while we position ourselves at the edge of expertise, in providing real-time access to valuable business data and market insights that results in flexible, customer-friendly solutions for any business.

With the high quality of our people and the sustained solutions that they create and innovate, we are fast becoming the ‘chosen one’ as the strategic partner and preferred vendor by a number of organizations. 

Our Strengths


Based in Colombo, we have mastered the art of working 24/7 across expansive timelines to demonstrate the best of our capability and experience, as we champion IT services solely through knowledge-driven global expertise and our veteran consultants who drive on their passion for visible results. 

The edge we create in the realm of consulting is founded on the best practices of:

Low Transition-in Time

Low Transition-in Time

Our team has had the pinnacle of exposure into multiple projects and their implementation, making the on-boarding process seamlessly smooth, for any type of client.



Intellectual property protection is one of our prime concerns when working with customers.



We make the best use of the resources based in Colombo to expand our team to blend with the need of the hour.

Excellence in Scoping

Excellence in Scoping

Our make of experts demonstrate 360-degree exposure to projects and as such, are highly competent in various software, tools and their functionality.

Customer Centric

Customer Centric

We challenge ourselves in understanding our customers when implementing or supporting each project and we transfer our actionable insights to them for betterment.

Focus on Flexibility

Focus on Flexibility

We make sure that we personalize and focus our attention on any customer niche to make their business performance soar.

What Defines Us

Our Values

At INIVOS, we redefine our values; we embrace them in what we aspire to be. We live by the time-tested, three-pillar value platform of I A I, which gives us direction and a clear sense of purpose. It energizes us and is the touchstone for all that we do….


in all that we do

Integrity is the cornerstone of all business decisions we make. It makes us tread far beyond a written set of rules. It is about delivering on our commitments; being honest and being ethical, no matter what the test of time would be.


in flexing out our solutions

We have that innate ability to renew ourselves, adapt many solutions, change quickly and succeed in being flexible in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment.


through collaboration

We are always ready to challenge ourselves, to learn, reinvent and improve; we are in close collaboration with our partners who transform the business world into one of resounding success and we collaborate with our customers who define standards of our solutions; to be higher than anyone can aspire.

They Chose Us

Our Customers

Offering a complete solution for businesses in product manufacturing to managing service-based operations along with retail, asset management or even in export import operations, INIVOS has been endorsed by all our valued customers as a leading enterprise software solution that offers a compelling user experience. We provide workflow solutions to our customers to simplify their complex business processes.

We dwell in our In-depth industry functionality within a broad suite that includes Corporate Finance, Human Resources Management, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management and Project Management.

  • In-depth industry functionality within a broad suite that includes financials, human resources management, customer relationship management and project management.
  • Support for both local and extended global operations and greater transparency in business processes, bringing all parts of the company closer together.
  • Low cost of ownership and continuous innovation through regular updates.